The Labyrinth

Posted January 2013: The Labyrinth

I saw him again.

This time, I found myself at the entrance to a labyrinth made of overgrown hedges. I could have sworn I’d been there before, but I haven’t. Standing in front of me, motionless, was a pure white doe. She looked at me, totally unafraid, and then turned and entered the labyrinth. I followed her. The emerald walls of the maze towered over us, twisting with lots of turns, and I had to jog to keep the deer in sight and not get lost in the depths of the labyrinth. (I suppose it was silly to assume I wouldn’t get lost following a deer, but in the dream it made sense. I just knew I had to follow her.) I caught sight of the doe just before she disappeared around a corner, but when I turned down the corridor, she was gone. Instead I saw the beach, framed in an evergreen arch. I stepped out of the labyrinth, onto the sand, and saw him, looking out to sea. He turned, our eyes met, and I woke.

Who is he? Why do I keep dreaming about him? Why do I keep seeing him in places that feel so familiar, even though I know that I’ve never seen them before? And why did I dream about a white doe? What does she have to do with the boy?

White Doe

© Melissa Eskue Ousley 2012