The Woman

Posted February 2013: The Woman

I visited the castle again tonight, and this time I got to see more than just a wall. I had been walking through a forest, the kind with evergreen trees that are covered in damp moss and even have ferns sprouting from some of their branches. I stepped out of the woods, and in front of me was a towering ivory fortress. It looked exotic, like maybe something you’d see in Morocco or India. Jon’s mom has a collection of coffee table books, the big kind filled with color photographs, and one of them is on architecture. I’ve seen buildings that looked similar in that book, although not quite as sprawling or majestic as the castle in my dream. I know my castle didn’t come from a photo in a book, though—that’s not something I would see and then forget about and somehow include in a dream. But I wonder if the castle actually exists, and if so, where in the world it’s located. There’s no way that lush forest was in Morocco—I know that much.

I kept walking toward the castle, expecting to see him again. But I didn’t. Instead I saw a woman approaching me, crossing a bridge leading from the castle’s gates. She wore a white, floor-length gown, and almost seemed to float toward me. She was beautiful—she had long, dark, wavy hair, and pale skin, and she carried herself like nobility. I was totally intimidated by her, especially given that she had these brilliant blue eyes that burned into me; her eyes made me think of the intense stare from the boy I keep dreaming about. I thought she was going to say something, but she didn’t. Instead she just smiled at me, like we shared a secret. Unfortunately, I had no idea what that secret might be, and she walked past me before I had the chance to ask.

It’s frustrating because I have no control over these dreams—I can’t change the outcome to find out more about the boy, the shadows, the castle, or now, this woman, and I always wake up just as things get interesting.

The Woman

© Melissa Eskue Ousley 2012