I’m Melissa Eskue Ousley,
award-winning author.

melissa-eskue-ousley-2017I live on the Oregon coast with my family, a neurotic dog, and a piranha. I write fantasy and suspense novels, often inspired by our gorgeous forests and beaches. I love ghost stories and folklore, so there’s usually a paranormal twist in my books.

When I’m not writing, I can be found on the beach, looking for sand dollars or building a driftwood fort with my twin boys. I love marine biology and have been known to nerd out over tide pools. I’m a huge fan of sharks and recently dove with some, the biggest being a ten-foot-long sand tiger. I also love to swim, hike, kayak, and paint.

I’ve had a number of jobs, from spending a summer scraping roadkill off a molten desert highway to getting my Ph.D. and working in higher education, helping students obtain a college education. I also teach writing and publishing workshops.

In addition to writing novels, I edit for Barking Rain Press and contribute articles to BookDaily.com. Please visit my books page for more information about my writing, and be sure to visit my news page to read about upcoming projects and events.

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“…among the best in contemporary Young Adult Fiction.” —Parsons’ Rant

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