Constellations of Scars

Not all gifts are a blessing. Some are a curse.


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Award-Winning Finalist in the Fiction: Fantasy category of the 2021 International Book Awards


“Constellations of Scars is one of the best, most original books I’ve read all year. I loved that Constellations of Scars presented a realistic view of the world—its dangers and pitfalls—without sacrificing its overarching hopeful tone…an immersive masterpiece of fiction that I won’t be able to stop talking about for a long time to come.” –Readers’ Favorite

“An indelible story of loving yourself in a world of dreadful realities.” –Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“The perfect dose of dark, gritty, and creepy! A must-read for those looking for a unique, intriguing read.” – Elle Beaumont, author of The Dragon’s Bride

Pitcher Plant

The fixer-upper near the beach seemed
like a steal until Tawny unearthed a body.

Now she’s stalked by a killer.

Winner of a 2018 Independent Publisher Book Award
Finalist for a 2018 Next Generation Indie Book Award

Pitcher Plant Cover

A fixer-upper on the turbulent Oregon coast provides the perfect setting for a haunting story about secrets that won’t stay buried.

“A fun read that combines a classic haunted house story with romance and a very creepy serial killer.” –Hester Young, author of The Gates of Evangeline and The Shimmering Road

Sunset Empire

She may be guilty of arson,
but she didn’t kill 
the burned girl haunting her.

Amazon Sunset Empire Cover

Set in Astoria, Oregon, this young adult novel combines history and legend in a haunting story about monsters, family loyalty, and the city’s underground labyrinth.

“Sometimes it’s hard to tell the monsters from the heroes. Sunset Empire is a fun, creepy, Pacific Northwest fantasy to be enjoyed by young adults and adults alike.”
-Lisa Reid, Lucy’s Books

The Solas Beir Trilogy

Welcome to scenic Cai Terenmare!
Enjoy your travels.
And do try not to be eaten.

Covers for The Solas Beir Trilogy

Every society on the planet has bogeyman stories. They symbolize our fears, haunt our dreams. But what if your nightmares came true? Abby knows the monsters are real, and they are not from this world. Now they’re hunting her and the boy from her dreams.

Encounter the beasties up close in the YA fantasy series described by reviewers as an enchanting fairy tale filled with vivid characters, action, and romance! 

Sign of the Throne
Book One in The Solas Beir Trilogy

Winner of a 2014 Readers’ Favorite Book Award
and a 2014 Eric Hoffer Book Award

Sign of the Throne Cover

Dreams do come true…
and so do nightmares.

“5 Stars…it’s one of the books you don’t want to put down, but you also don’t want it to end…it has just the right mix of romance, action, tension and fantasy to make it a good read for all ages.”
— Readers’ Favorite

Readers' Favorite Bronze Award

The Rabbit and the Raven
Book Two in The Solas Beir Trilogy

Nominated for a 2015 Readers’ Favorite Book Award
and a 2015 Eric Hoffer Book Award


Darkness is beguiling…
and power always comes with a price.

“5 Stars. I made the mistake of finishing the book within two days. I should have made it last a little bit longer because it’s the kind of story whose characters grow on you. You start to feel as if you live in their world and when you finish the book it is the classic feeling of loss that every reader experiences upon finishing a really good book.” — Readers’ Favorite

5 Star Readers' Favorite

The Sower Comes
Book Three in The Solas Beir Trilogy

Winner of a 2016 Eric Hoffer Book Award


Kneel before the Light…
and stand against the Darkness.

© Melissa Eskue Ousley 2012