Winner of a 2016 Eric Hoffer Book Award

“…Readers with a taste for the magical touched with a bit of romance will find this a nice addition.” –Eric Hoffer Book Award


“5 Stars. The Sower Comes by Melissa Eskue Ousley is book 3 in the Solas Beir Trilogy. I would recommend reading books 1 and 2 first, otherwise you might become a bit confused, and you’d miss out on the fantastic journey of the characters. David has to deal with the love of his life going missing, and most likely even being dead, and his friend Jon is also missing. In addition to that, he has to judge his aunt Lucia, and if she is found guilty, he’d be the one to execute her. But during the trial something unexpected happens. In this last part of the journey, David and his friends have to face their most challenging opponent so far: a being called the Sower. And they have to find a solution for a plague that threatens to destroy everything they hold dear.

While the characters deserve a rest, it is sad that The Sower Comes by Melissa Eskue Ousley is the end of the journey so far. I enjoyed traveling with the characters, and always felt totally immersed in the world. I still couldn’t say who my favourite character is as everyone is quite interesting, with their own unique traits. David definitely has changed a lot since the beginning of the series. Melissa Eskue Ousley did something many YA writers fail to do these days: write three interesting books in a series. Often you pick up book one in a series, you love it, but then the rest is just rubbish (for me, Divergent is one example. That was a good book, but then everything else was disappointing). The Solas Beir Trilogy does not disappoint. Every single book is well written, exciting, and a page-turner. The story was truly suited for a trilogy, and not just a one-book story that was extended to make more money (which seems to be the case with other YA trilogies).

If you like YA fantasy, and have been disappointed by other trilogies, I would recommend the Solas Beir Trilogy to you, because it does take you on a multi-book journey that does NOT disappoint. In addition to that, the design is also fantastic. The cover looks great, and the contents of the book are also well formatted.” — Readers’ Favorite

“Series rarely wrap up with as satisfying of an ending as the Solas Beir Trilogy does. All the heart rending agony and joy readers experience in the first two books comes to a beautiful conclusion in The Sower Comes. This series has a permanent place on my bookshelf.” — DelSheree Gladden, USA Today Bestselling Author of The Aerling Series

“This book has everything that fans of the series wanted. There was action, romance, fight scenes, tension, humour and redemption. There were scenes to make you smile, scenes to make you hold your breath and scenes where you were willing things to go the way you wanted. It was not slow in any way, keeping a fast pace and giving you enough back story to add to the plot without burying you in things you don’t need to hear. The story was always moving, delivered through action scenes and emotional character interaction which was beautifully written. Overall, it was an excellent piece of writing and a fitting end to the series.”
— Chuckles Book Cave

“All too often, the final installment of a series turns out to be the final wheeze from the author who has somehow lost the concept somewhere along the way. A series, which started out brightly, is met with a discordant sigh of relief when the reader turns the last page and closes the book. This reviewer is happy to report that Melissa Eskue Ousley has avoided that fate, and done so quite handily. Her writing is as fresh and as riveting at the end of The Sower Comes, as it was in the opening pages of Sign of the Throne. Ms. Ousley built upon that early momentum in The Rabbit and the Raven, and maintains it superbly throughout this final installment.

Adolescence is a time when young minds begin to stretch themselves and wander through both strange and familiar realms of possibilities. The Sower Comes, and its predecessors, place the Young Adult reader in the heart of a marvelous and chilling adventure that may very well seem as real as life itself. Is the plot of this story, and the situation it presents, a metaphor for the life and choices we must all face at one time or another? It is up to readers to determine this for themselves. It cannot be denied, however, that Ms. Ousley’s books are among the best in contemporary Young Adult Fiction.” — Howard Parsons, Parsons’ Rant

“This book contains all the ingredients to be a perfect read. Beautifully written book of Love, Affection, Loyalty, Sacrifice, Responsibility and nonetheless of having faith and believing in oneself. This is recommended to all ages. A truly deserving finale, I’ll miss the characters and the kingdom of Cai Terenmare. This book gave me a fairy tale feeling and I hope the author writes more books with the same genre. 5 Stars.” — BFF Books are Friends Forever

“Have you ever dreamed of another world sliding by just out of sight? One filled with pixies, goblins, and young romance? Then the Solas Beir Trilogy by Melissa Eskue Ousley should be next on your reading list.” — Jonathon Burgess, Award-winning Author of The Dawnhawk Trilogy

“Melissa writes YA fantasy beautifully, her attention to detail and her characters shines through. I have read all her books in The Solas Beir Trilogy and watched her characters evolve. I do enjoy her villains, she writes them well. Tynan Tierney is a great villain and Lucia, even though she is a villain, she can also make you feel other emotions towards her. The Sower Comes is a fitting end to this wonderful YA fantasy trilogy.” — Novels on the Run

“The final installment of The Solas Bier Trilogy does not disappoint the reader! Setting the foundation with relatable characters and wonderfully descriptive prose in Sign of the Throne, seamlessly continuing the narrative in The Rabbit and the Raven, and concluding this wonderful fantasy/thriller series with The Sower Comes, elevates these books to the top of my favorites! Melissa Eskue Ousley has shown herself to be one of the premier writers of this genre, and the series’ appeal extends beyond the young adult market.

The Sower Comes’ stays true to the nature of the characters, and the plot continues seamlessly. The internal and external conflict between good and evil, rages within each villain and hero while they battle each other. The author is able to portray this clash of weakness and strength, resistance and compliance so artfully—the reader can establish relationships that make the characters come alive.

All three volumes held my interest from the first page to the last, and I look forward to her next book, or books. I highly recommend this series to anyone who is a fan of this genre—no matter their age.” — Signe Hill, Reviewer

“Yet again, another of Melissa Ousley’s books that demands to be read in one sitting. This was truly the perfect ending to the perfect series, and a trilogy I will be reading many times over. I cannot thank you enough, Miss Ousley. Such writing talent is rare, and you use your talent to bring suspense, humor, and beauty to the world. I love the meaning behind this story, and it just fills me with Light. Beautiful, beautiful series that everyone should read. I hope to see more ideas from Melissa Ousley in the future!! I love these books!!!!” — Cyndi, Goodreads

“In keeping with the style of great writers, past and present, Melissa Eskue Ousley has outdone herself and saved the best for last! Full of twists and turns, humor, love, suspense and hope, I just could hardly stand to put it down! I can’t wait to get my copy and add it to Sign of the Throne and The Rabbit and the Raven to complete the trilogy! This book is well worth the wait! Melissa Eskue Ousley is an author worth keeping your eye on!” — Susan, Goodreads

“I really liked the strong women characters from this trilogy and specially in this book. If you liked the previous books, you have to read this one.” — Filipe, Goodreads

“This long awaited conclusion to the Solas Beir trilogy, The Sower Comes, truly fulfilled my expectations. Opening to the first page of my ARC book I was swept away into a world I had come to love. As I read this book, I found myself so wrapped up within the characters and their adventures. I wanted to strap on a sword to help the fight and to embrace the light with them. I highly recommend this book. The romance is age appropriate for teens and has enough of the frustrations we have all felt as youth to help them appreciate that love has its ups and downs but can be victorious in the end. A great summer read.” — Deborah, Goodreads

“There is so much going on in this book! It would be easy to read through this in one sitting, as there aren’t any slow parts or dragged out scenes. I said this of the first book and I will say it again, I like that Melissa doesn’t use bad language or include sex scenes; it’s a book I would let my kids read once they’re older (they’re still too young to read). The Sower Comes has a lot of action, which also means some violence, but nothing graphic; the scenes are described the same way as the first two books. There are twists and turns and never a dull moment; if you enjoyed the first two books in the trilogy you will definitely enjoy this one!” — Jessica, Goodreads

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