Constellations of Scars

Not all gifts are a blessing. Some are a curse.

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When Amelia turned 12, she began growing pearls. Every month, a crop of beautiful pearls bursts from the skin on her back. Her mother, Denise, believes her daughter is blessed, and sells the pearls to put food on the table. Amelia sees her condition as a curse. As the pearls form, her body aches and her skin grows feverish. The harvest of pearls brings temporary relief from the pain, but leaves her back marred by scars. Denise hides Amelia away from the world, worried that Amelia’s gift will be discovered and she will be abducted for the wealth she can provide. Now a young woman, Amelia realizes she has become her mother’s captive, and plans her escape. When she runs away from home, she finds a new family in a troupe of performers at a museum of human oddities. She soon discovers the world is much more dangerous than her mother feared.

Grand Prize Finalist, First Runner Up in Science Fiction/Fantasy,
and da Vinci Eye Finalist with the 2022 Eric Hoffer Book Awards

Award-Winning Finalist in the Fiction:
Fantasy category of the 2021 International Book Awards

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“Constellations of Scars is one of the best, most original books I’ve read all year. I loved that Constellations of Scars presented a realistic view of the world—its dangers and pitfalls—without sacrificing its overarching hopeful tone…an immersive masterpiece of fiction that I won’t be able to stop talking about for a long time to come.”
– Readers’ Favorite

“An indelible story of loving yourself in a world of dreadful realities.” –Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“The perfect dose of dark, gritty, and creepy! A must-read for those looking for a unique, intriguing read.” – Elle Beaumont, author of The Dragon’s Bride

“Constellations of Scars is a rich tale exploring what makes us human in a world where Mother Nature sometimes twists the physical body into something monstrous. As Amelia Weaver struggles to form a new life after being forced to hide from the world because of her own freakishness, she must come to understand that outward appearances can belie what lies within. This book takes the reader on a journey both warm and chilling. It’s one you won’t want to miss.” – L. Lee Shaw, author of the award-winning Aging Out

“This book is stunning, inside and out. The beautiful cover implies exactly the mood of the story: pretty, but equally haunting…I was hooked from page one, following along as Amelia tells us about her past and her (admittedly unsure) plans for the future. It’s an adventure all the way through, though there’s a turning point in the story, artfully done, that had me holding my breath for every word thereafter until the very end!” – Megan Dailey, Goodreads