5 Star Readers' Favorite

“5 Stars. The Rabbit and the Raven, book two in The Solas Beir Trilogy by Melissa Eskue Ousley, continues the story begun in Sign of the Throne. David, who is now the Solas Beir of Cai Terenmare, Abby, his one true love, Marisol, Jon, and their families enter Cai Terenmare to escape the chaos in the normal world – but chaos, in the form of a bad guy called Tynan Tierney, just follows them. David wants to prepare his kingdom for the war against darkness, and part of this mission is to seek the help of the four oracles. But, of course, getting to those oracles isn’t that easy and they might not all be on David’s side. And while David and his friends are busy with trying to organize a combined effort against the darkness, Abby has her own demons to fight in her nightmares. And why is the man in her dreams always calling her ‘rabbit’?

The Rabbit and the Raven by Melissa Eskue Ousley is a believable continuation of Sign of the Throne, and has the right pace for the second book of a trilogy. The reader also clearly gets the feeling that the truly serious trouble is yet to come – and of course that keeps the reader looking forward to book 3. There are questions to be answered and bad guys to be defeated (well, you would hope so). I made the mistake of finishing the book within two days. I should have made it last a little bit longer because it’s the kind of story whose characters grow on you. You start to feel as if you live in their world and when you finish the book it is the classic feeling of loss that every reader experiences upon finishing a really good book.”
— Readers’ Favorite

“Melissa Eskue Ousley’s second book in The Solas Beir Trilogy, The Rabbit and the Raven has ramped up the conflict, raised the stakes and increased the peril to the human realm as well as Cai Terenmare.  The fate of the world is resting heavily on the shoulders of mere teens, new to their powers and their heritage.  Will the allure of the dark side be their downfall? Who better to save the day than Melissa Eskue Ousley’s young hero and heroine?  Their love is strong, their bond is amazing, their powers are growing with each passing day.  Together, they feed confidence to each other as the story becomes more intense, building off the firm foundation of Sign of the Throne.  Ms. Ousley has allowed the love between Abby and David to mature, but it remains sweet and innocent, a bright spot in the dark hours they face.  But this isn’t a tale filled with sunshine and flowers, because she has created an evil that far surpasses Calder, and a feeling that the worst is yet to come.  The mental turmoil faced by her characters is palpable, almost overwhelming, as I once again had to remind myself I wasn’t really there, although, I must say, I will forever wonder if a portal to another realm is just around the corner and perhaps I should practice my magical fighting technique.  Once again, a job well done, well written and magnetic by this talented author who deftly travels that fine, yet twisted line of magical YA fantasy!” — Dianne, Tome Tender (Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer)

“With the publication of her second YA novel, The Rabbit and the Raven, Melissa Eskue Ousley effortlessly maintains the action and story flow that so well defined Sign of the Throne. She has extended her well-deserved reputation for storytelling, the rendition of that story, into the exacting artistry of the printed page, and it goes without saying that the plaudits accorded Ms. Ousley in the first installment of this series most definitely appertain to The Rabbit and the Raven. If she continues to follow the standards she has thus far set for herself and her writing to the third book of this series, The Sower Comes, Melissa Eskue Ousley will undoubtedly achieve a literary trifecta.” — Howard Parsons, Parsons’ Rant

“The escape to Cai Terenmare was only the beginning for Abby. As the physical dangers mount against her and David, Abby finds herself in the most frightening situation yet…relating to her biggest enemy. Readers will be captivated by her struggle, turning page after page to discover her fate. They won’t be able to get their hands on the third book fast enough!” — DelSheree Gladden, author of The Escaping Fate Series, The Destroyer Trilogy, Wicked Hunger, and Invisible

“A tantalizing tale, skillfully told. The Rabbit and the Raven has it all: a perilous quest, characters who’ve barely discovered their powers before being tested, treacherous opponents, suspense, and hints of forbidden attraction. Melissa Eskue Ousley leads readers deftly through the journey to save Cai Terenmare, a trek that began in Sign of the Throne and continues here with fresh dangers.” — Christine Finlayson, author of Tip of a Bone, a Pacific Northwest mystery

“Melissa Eskue Ousley’s The Rabbit and the Raven is the perfect continuation of the Solas Bier Trilogy. Ousley takes the readers on an exciting journey to the outer edges of Cai Terenmare as Abby and David try to secure the support of the oracles in the fight against Tierney and his followers. Readers will fall in love with the rich and vivid world that Ousley has brought to life in the pages of The Rabbit and the Raven as they uncover its dark secrets. Abby and David’s relationship is tested as dark forces threaten not only their lives but the lives of everyone they love. The Rabbit and the Raven is guaranteed to pull the reader in and maintain its hold long after the end of the novel. Melissa Eskue Ousley delivers a beautifully written novel that is imaginative, captivating, compelling, and exciting; it’s a must read.”  — Kira Watson, My Dear Bibiophage

“Tynan Tierney is a most excellent villain. One minute I was almost sympathizing with him, then the next I understood why he was the villain of this story. I think he is very well written. He is almost one of my fave characters. Did I just say that? Or should I say he is one of my fave villains? He does know how to manipulate his minions like a true puppet master….A fantasy adventure with endearing characters, a villain that is quite unpredictable and a cast of fantasy creatures that go bump in the night. I am left tapping my foot for the third installment.” — Michelle Auricht, Novels on the Run, Australia

“Melissa Ousley has outdone herself with The Rabbit and the Raven….From the first page I was hooked. Ousley’s descriptions are so vivid you almost feel as though you are watching a movie rather than reading a book….From killer toads, killer illusions, Abby’s new gifts, a temptation to choose dark over light, and from one good Oracle to bad.  I would recommend this book to anyone who loves action packed adventures, with a little humor on the side. I will be anxiously awaiting The Sower Comes, book three in The Solas Beir Trilogy.” — Amber, Goodreads

“When reading a great trilogy it is so exciting to pick up the second book of a series and get a feeling of visiting old friends.  This is how I felt when I began reading Book Two in The Solas Beir Trilogy, The Rabbit and The Raven.  Melissa Ousley creates with her pen a world you want to enter, her characters leap off the page and take you on their adventures.  Each conflict the characters experience, I felt I was strapping on my sword to help them battle through each challenge.  The most important quality of a well written book is the ability to help the reader see the story through the eyes of all the characters, Melissa truly has this ability to illustrate a compelling story.  I can’t wait for Book Three, The Sower Comes, to continue my adventure with David, Abby, Jon, and Marisol.”  — Deborah, Goodreads

“Melissa Ousley has done it again.  Give yourself some uninterrupted days to read this book, because there is no way you’re going to be sleeping once you start.  You know it’s a good book when you start rooting for the characters only to realize that everyone in the library is giving you a weird look because you actually cheered out loud.  You will get sucked into this story, and you will be left eager for the next book! In most trilogies, I am interested in the first book but don’t care much for the following second and third; The Rabbit and the Raven, however, is not like other books.  This book made the story grow.  You still get the romantic tension, you still get the fear for the characters in tense situations, you still get an incredible story.  I can’t tell you how much I love this book.  I can’t wait for the next one. Also, this is a great clean book!  You still get all the romance and the action without the gory details.  The author has focused on a writing style rather than sex and gore to tell her story, and her story telling is absolutely breath-taking. So, seriously?  Just read this book.  You’ll get sucked in and you won’t be disappointed.” — Cyndi, Goodreads

“This should be a must read on everyone’s list…you are warned, you will fall in love with this story.”– Johnnie-Marie, Whispered Thoughts

“… I love when aspects of the fantasy world reach into the real world and this book does not disappoint, although it seems like the aspects reaching in are always monsters!  I loved learning about the land of Cai Terenmare and more about its inhabitants and eagerly await the next installment!” — Angela, Goodreads

“Loved, LOVED this book – Melissa Eskue Ousley has done it again! The Rabbit and the Raven is an awesome second installment in The Solas Beir Trilogy. The story is full of wonderfully well-written characters and a wild ride of magical plot twists, turns and romance that will leave you looking forward to the third book in the series – I know I am. The villain, Tynan Tierney, is exceptionally written as a darkly seductive, even sympathetic character {“Darkness is beguiling . . . and power always comes with a price.”} There’s no doubt, he’s a very bad guy who has done some awful, evil things . . . That being said, you can’t help but like him just a little bit. David and Abby, both with their own powerful abilities, are the kind of compelling characters you remember for years to come. The Rabbit and the Raven has earned a 5 Star Epic Review and is definitely a book that’s going on my Keeper Shelf, along with the first book of the series, Sign of the Throne. And I’m looking forward to reviewing the third and final installment, The Sower Comes, when it’s released.” — Epic YA Reads

“I read the first book (Sign of the Throne) and gave it a 5-star review. Book 2 was no disappointment. It actually met my expectations. As always, like in book 1, the writing style was just superb! World building and character building–just excellent! You get to know the world and character–and you may just find yourself totally immersed in the realm the author built. The conflict, the stakes, the romance was raised even higher in this sequel. Like in book 1, the plot and twists will definitely surprise you. The author and sequel will keep you gnawing your fingernails and asking for more. I think I’m one of the lucky few who received an ARC, and I’m just very thankful! I totally recommend this series!” — Raizza’s Book Blogging Adventure

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