Winner of a 2014 Readers’ Favorite Book Award
and a 2014 Eric Hoffer Book Award

Readers' Favorite Bronze Award

“From the first chapter to the last, this novel holds the reader’s attention with a suspenseful story of a child-king kidnapping from one reality hidden in the reality of the present. Abby, a teen character, will grip the heart with her wits and wisdom. She is the only one that can lead David Corbin to see he has been shielded from the real truth of who he is and his destiny. The two are attracted to each other and give strength to one another beyond both their worlds. The author does a wonderful job of developing the main and supporting characters. With only days before the dark reality is released into present day reality, Abby must shake David from the veil of lies to reveal his true identity and power.” — Eric Hoffer Book Award

5 Star Readers' Favorite

“Fortunately, Melissa Eskue Ousley’s Sign of the Throne is only Book One in the Solas Beir Trilogy because it’s one of the books you don’t want to put down, but you also don’t want it to end. The story is all about Abby, a girl who didn’t really think she was very special. When she dreams of a mysterious, handsome boy and then meets him in real life a few days later, things start to change in her life. She feels magically drawn to him and strange things start to happen. The couple she baby-sits for fortunately knows a few things about ghosts, spirits and other folklore, so they try to help Abby with making sense of what is happening around her. The boy, David, plays a more important role in the safety of the world – and an alternative world – than anybody could have imagined. The characters Melissa Eskue Ousley created in Sign of the Throne are very well described and you immediately like or dislike them. I can see, however, how some readers might prefer either Jon or David over the other. It’s a lovely story that shows how the decisions of individuals, even if it’s just a little nixie, can make a difference for good or for bad. I definitely never got bored with the book and can recommend it to all people who love fantasy books that are page-turners. It has just the right mix of romance, action, tension and fantasy to make it a good read for all ages.” — Readers’ Favorite

Portals, parallel worlds, monsters and kidnapped heirs are all part and parcel of Young Adult fantasy stories. It is not so much that a story contains these elements as it is what the author does with them. Melissa Ousley wields and shapes these elements with an almost preternatural ability that makes the process of writing appear to be an effortless exercise. Sign of the Throne is Melissa Eskue Ousley’s debut novel and she is off to a brilliant start. The reader will find it hard to believe that she is not a more experienced writer, but there is nothing amateurish with this book. Sign of the Throne is an extremely well written story that is remarkable in its clarity of concept and execution. This is what outstanding writing both looks and reads like. In the final analysis, Sign of the Throne is a book which stands head and shoulders above a considerable amount of current Young Adult fiction. Given the intense reading experience provided by Sign of the Throne, this reviewer can hardly wait for the next installment in this series.” — Howard Parsons, The Parsons’ Rant

“Melissa Eskue Ousley’s Sign of the Throne is a beautifully written tale that will captivate readers from the first page until the very last page. Eskue Ousley has created a fantastic new world that is full of magic and peril with complex characters that the reader can relate to. Sign of the Throne is a perfect combination of contemporary fiction, fantasy, and folklore; what I mean to say is that Eskue Ousley has taken the best aspects of the three genres and combined them to create an exquisite tale. The use of historical and mythological references (sirens, pixies, da Vinci, Homer…etc.) enhances the story line and binds the two worlds together seamlessly.  Readers will find themselves getting lost in Eskue Ousley’s fantastic tale of magic, danger, and adventure as Abby attempts to fulfill her destiny and save Cai Terenmare. Sign of the Throne is rich and gripping—it’s a story worth getting lost in.” — Kira Watson, My Dear Bibliophage

“From the first few pages of Sign of the Throne, readers will be pulled into Eskue Ousley’s carefully crafted world and characters. The complex world of Cai Terenmare sets the stage for this rich fantasy and introduces readers to a new breed of magic. The depth, captivating histories, and motivations of the characters will draw readers to care about their plights and keep readers turning page after page.” — DelSheree Gladden, author of The Escaping Fate Series, The Destroyer Trilogy, Wicked Hunger, and Invisible

“A beautifully descriptive book filled with imagination, brave gorgeous lads, ravens, black cats, shadows, nightmares, dreams, a Nixie, a Queen who won’t give up on her son, and a love that was inevitable, making for a great start to Melissa’s trilogy.” — Michelle Auricht, Novels on the Run, Australia

“I love the cover, I love the synopsis, and I especially love the ‘lost heir, doomed world, random girl in the middle of it all’ theme. Melissa Eskue Ousley is a master when it comes down to fabricating magical worlds and creatures. Her writing style is smooth and that’s why the book is so fast-paced.” — Daniela Castro, Silver Inked Sky

“The plot just keeps you interested the whole time…There is just the right amount of descriptive work and dialogue, no incomprehensible info dumps and just that sprinkling of mythology to inform the reader and Abby of what is really going on. The storytelling and world building were excellent on both sides of the portal. This book has no sexual content or swearing and is suitable for YA, NA and adult fans of paranormal and fantasy. Very much recommended!” — Chuckles Book Cave, UK

“5 Stars…an engaging and enchanting young adult tale that took me into another world, as the battle between good and evil is  waged in two realms.  Her descriptions are intense, intricate and each  world feels right, from the reality of the world we know to the mystical qualities of Cai Terenmare, as these worlds are woven together with  words.  From quirky to cute, to totally human to misguided and evil, Ms. Ousley paints her characters in full living color!  And bless her;  there is even a glossary to help understand names, places and  everything!  The author’s imagination is a treasure chest of wonder, and I’m happy to have shared in its bounty!” — Dianne, Tome Tender (Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer)

Sign of the Throne is a very intricately written book, weaving too worlds together while still giving you a glimpse of what it is like for each of the characters on opposite sides of the portal. Melissa Ousley’s writing flows so smoothly touching on every emotion throughout the book, from love, hate, sadness, pain and an insanely addictive adventure. She writes with so much visual description  it’s hard to put down. I felt as though I could see everything she had written from Eulia’s disfigurement, to the sirens, the city and castle of Caislucis , even Nysa and her ever changing Nixie form. I love that the characters of Abby, David, and Jon’s conversations were true to their age and time. Most authors make younger characters seem overly stuffy and adult, but Melissa hit the nail on the head with them and their sometimes playful, sometimes painfully honest conversations.”
— Amber, Goodreads

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